The first session

What to bring

With your first session coming up we do ask that you please print you can print it off from Waiver!, we also have these available on hand so its not a problem just come out. 

Below you will see other items that are highly recommended for you to play with us. The most important is the photo ID. Though I do want to make a special mention that we are in Florida and its very hot here a lot of the time. Please drink water, and stay hydrated. 


You are going to want to wear some loose-fitting Maneuverable clothes, I also recommend making sure they can help keep you cool as we are in Florida


Having a friend to learn with makes this game so much better. So bring one out and maybe you two can learn to ... well kill each other. 

Photo Id

If you are under 18 you will need a parent, otherwise, we need a photo id to verify the information you give us

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the combat rules. Andy is more than happy to show hit locations and some classes. As you start coming out you will learn more and more. As a new player, starting small and learning as you go is important. Just make sure you keep having fun. 

We have an extensive amount of loaner weapons available, Once you start getting used to the game we can help you get your own weapons and shields. Until then just relax and use something out of the Loaner bag.

What else can you do?

If you want MORE! you are always welcome to head to the resource page. There you can find tutorials, the rule book, and various other sites to assist you in getting up to speed.

Also don't hesitate to reach out to the monarchy, or myself Lyle each member of the monarch is more than willing to assist and answer whatever questions we can.