Upcoming Events!

Pride Daybattle at Ragnovik June 2 (Vera Francis Park, Green Cove Springs, FL

Kingdom Cornation coming in August, with the knighting of Priestess Bertrice

Don't hesitate to email us at fallingfireofbrandon@gmail.com.  You can also find us on Facebook

What are we?

Falling Fire is a LARP (Live Action Role Playing) park that follows the Amtgard ruleset. Here you can use foam-covered weapons to fight, cast spells, and have a wonderful time. We encourage the Arts and Sciences: Leatherworking, Sewing, Weapon making, and Blacksmithing are just some of the items you may find within our park. Within this LARP you will find many friends waiting to be met, Monsters to vanquish, and Eldritch Magic to unlock... So the only real question is, are you the Hero or the Villain?

Where are we?

Sundays from 11-4 at Bertha and Tony Saladino park.

From the I-75 in Brandon, head East until you hit Bryan Rd. Follow it south until you see us on your left. Just look for the people with foam sticks. 

The Falling Fire monarchy is currently comprised of 5 individuals. Come join us and each of these individuals will gladly assist you in learning more about Amtgard.

Falling Fire Leadership

The current Monarch is Vargimir Wulfenstyne Oakenheart Bjornwulf Longbeard

A dwarf who has seen countless battles, I come from the mountains and I love battling. Together with my brother we shall defeat everyone. As the Monarch of the park of Falling Fire, I am here to ensure a great welcoming environment for everyone. 




Abremelin the Alchemist


Oryx Goldmane

Guild Master of Reeves

Solgaleo Galactus

Knights of the Land

Here is a short bit of some of the well known players you are likely to meet. 

Sir Goose

Sir Bolt

Priestess Bertrice Rachir

Sir Stinkfoot

Sir Luna

Dame Rookie

Amtgard Weaponry

The tools of the trade for a Sword knight. Here you will find images of various weapons and some slight information to be used to slay their foes.

Garb and Costumes!

Here at Amtgard we like to dress a little extra sometimes. As you can see we have a wide variety of beautiful armors, tunics, and cloaks... watch out for dogs of war